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What is sReporter?

sReporter is an initiative by Indian Startups that allows people from across the country and the globe to contribute entrepreneur / startup stories, opportunities, events, pictures and video of Startup stories. It is similar to Wikinews in that it allows, and encourages, regular citizens to submit stories, photos and videos related to startup news of any sort. This can range from any story that a person believes is newsworthy in the startup community. Submissions are not edited, fact-checked, or screened.

Who can be an sReporter?

Anyone can. What we are looking is to compile a story that has some relation to entrepreneurship / startup ecosystem / social change / business organization. We are inviting the startup citizen journalists and other Startup reporters / journalists / enthusiasts to send us not just text but images and videos as well. We could have students, professionals, entrepreneurs – just about anyone sending us content – as long as it’s related entrepreneurs, startups, businesses or social enterprises. Also, you need to own the copyright to the content you’re sending and by default, indemnify us against any copyright infringements.

Why will I want to be a sReporter(Startup Reporter) with the Indian Startups?

Currently, there is no financial remuneration for Startup Journalists empanelled with us. However, following are some of the benefits of being an sReporter

  • a. Association with India’s largest and most respected Startup Community that is spread across India and Overseas
  • b. Official recognition from Indian Startups
  • c. A good thing on your CV
  • d. Great Contribution to Development of India
  • e. Startup Journalistic experience with editorial guidance from the best people in the industry
  • f. A pride of place to showcase your work portfolio on Indian Startups Website and other prominent locations
  • g. A high place for your work portfolio on the search engines especially in the startup community
  • h. A better standing and better networking capacities in the startup community by virtue of a potent platform to share related news
Will I get paid?

No. However, once there is a substantial contribution, we may consider promoting to be a Paid Volunteering reporter / author / journalist

What can I write on/ send pictures and videos on?

Well, we’re very strictly adhering to the list of subjects specified on this page. Anything beyond the specified ambit will not be considered, which is why we specifically request you to send a five-sentence story outline each time to us for pre-approvals. The same principles apply if you wish to send us a photo feature or a video clip. Please send us your idea (in not more than five sentences), receive approvals by our editorial team and then send us the story/photos/videos. We’d be happy to publish only pre-approved news reports, pictures and video clips.

What is the process for submitting reports/photo features/videos?

Please send us your story idea (envisaging text, images or videos). Once it receives editorial approval, you’d hear from us and then you could send us the story/photos/videos. Pre-approvals make sure you get published. Unsolicited submissions will not be considered.

How will I know that I’ve been published?

If your story idea has been approved of by our editors, you’d surely get published. Visit the Indian Startups sReporter page to find your story/photos/videos published. Although we try and process the stories as soon as we can, we can’t promise you a deadline. This applies only to stories pre-approved by our editors.

How else can I get involved with the Indian Startup community?

You could help us get more and more Citizen Journalists / sReporters from various locations on board. You could help us create students’ communities or other startup communities – groups of Citizen Journalists/reporters who would network among themselves.

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